Heavy Coat

Written on July 21, 2011 – 4:11 pm | by talkingdictionary

Lets Smile with Nasreddin Hodja…


When Nasreddin's first wife died, he married again. His second wife was much younger than he was and they often quarreled. One evening when Nasreddin came home very late, his wife said to him, 'I cooked your dinner two hours ago.' She was so angry that she gave him a push, and as she was strong, and he was old and weak, he fell down the stairs.

One of Nasreddin's neighbours– who was always eager to know what was happening in everybody else's house — was listening and when she heard the noise Nasreddin made as he fell down the stairs, she came to his front door and knocked.

"'What has happened?" she said.

"My coat fell down the stairs," he answered.

"But a coat would not make so much noise!" the neighbour exclaimed.

"Of course it would," answered Nasreddin, "if I was inside it!"


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